The KGB Hoax, a novel

“The KGB Hoax”  is my fifth novel. It centers around an illicit coupling in a Moscow hotel between a well known Washington correspondent, who previously had served in a high government post, and the wife of a rising star in British military intelligence.  The KGB had some photos and snippets of pillow-talk and was determined to exploit the situation.  One group wanted to blackmail the pair into doing unspecified future “favors.”  But higher level officials had a more devious scheme in mind. They wanted to con the reporter into discovering and writing an amazing “exclusive” designed to persuade the US to squander tens of billions of dollars on a needless military space race. A very clever and well orchestrated Russian gambit backfired, however, with huge negative historic consequences for Moscow. 

Commented Ivan Selin, former Under Secretary of State and Assistant Secretary of Defense:

“A wonderful yarn that is so plausible that experts have to pinch themselves to remember that this is fiction. For a moment of suspended disbelief I thought that I finally understood the confusing events that were my everyday affair 35 years ago–a great story that I couldn’t put down.”

Commented Kevin Klose, President of Radio Free Europe and former Moscow bureau chief for the Washington Post: “You won’t put it down. A mystery inside a thriller inside an adventure.”


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