Battle-hardened jihadi fighters from Hamas made plans for a daring attack on a supposedly impregnable US nuclear power plant. Outraged that while the US was loudly insisting on an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, Washington was surreptitiously  shipping tons of bombs and rockets to Israel to continue the onslaught, Hamas, which had never before operated outside of its home base, was determined to show the US that it actually had a devastating reach.

Arabella, a beautiful young blonde FBI rookie, who had proven herself in her last mission against terrorists, and Aaron, a tough and very savvy Israeli Mossad operative, teamed up to investigate and help confront the threat.

They were operating on fragmentary intelligence from a Palestinian turncoat, from Mossad field agents, and from the CIA.

In carrying out their mission, the pair had first to deal with dangerous gunmen from a Mexican drug cartel, hired to sneak the Hamas terrorists into the US.

But with 100 nuclear power plants, which one would be targeted? Hamas felt it had a huge advantage with a secret collaborator working on the security force on one nuclear reactor. But, again, which one?

While US nuclear reactors are not soft targets–far from it–neither are they impregnable. This novel makes the point that with a handful of fixes, the safety of nuclear power plants could be significantly bolstered.

With the American public understandably concerned about the threat of determined terrorists, this novel is unusually timely.

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