About Me

I’m a Washington-based analyst, novelist and professor.  Most of my career was as a Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington correspondent for The Boston Globe, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times. Also served as a top official of the Department of Defense and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. I have prestigious medals from the Defense Department and the White House for my work in government. I am also a Knight in the ancient order of St. John of Medina. Most of my blogs deal with foreign policy and national security issues.


2 responses to “About Me

  1. willliam beecher

    i need to know both the ussername and password for my blog. i’m having a university associate help recaste my blog.
    thank you.
    william beecher

  2. Dear Mister Beecher,
    I am a UK-based fiction author on the research trail with two reasons for contacting you.
    The first is that the invented character of my first novel, Ray Halliwell, might have taken his inspiration from you, had I known about you before writing. I’ve attached a website link just as background on that story and would be happy to talk further with you about the book at any time.
    The second reason is that I am beginning research on the next novel and considering the period 1968-70 in which to set the action. As you know better than I, during those years, there was only one game in town, and you broke the story.
    Overall, I am trying to create a series of readable, pacy stories, mixing fact and fiction, with a foreign correspondent at their heart, landing in or around key moments in American foreign policy over the years.
    Naturally enough, I’d be absolutely delighted to make contact with you as the benefits to me of accessing your experience and expertise are obvious. What might be in it for you is much less obvious! Nevertheless, as one writer to another, it would be great to hear from you.
    With many thanks for your kind attention so far,
    Shaun E Deeney

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